Paulo Arraiano: Updates

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There are several new and very interesting projects in the portfolio of Portuguese artist, illustrator and creative Paulo Arraiano. His work has become much more artistic and expressionistic since I last dropped in and his street art work is phenomenal.

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Edward Cao

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Edward Cao is a Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator who works primarily in traditional paint mediums. Recently featured on Juxtapoz.com as well as CreepMachine.com’s Artist of the Month, Edward has exhibited his work in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC. Edward graduated with a BFA from Art Center College of Design.”

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Arth Daniels

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Arth Daniels work is a crazy blended cocktail of pop psychedelia brought to life like Frankenstein’s monster in vivid color.

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Stephan Balleux: Updates

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I’ve been inspired by the organically surreal artwork of painter Stephan Balleux since I first stumbled upon it. He’s updated his website with more comprehensive views of his aggressive and ambitious art exhibitions. It’s all very worth a highly inspirational browse.

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Aaron Nagel: Updates

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Painter Aaron Nagel updated both his website and his portfolio since I last dropped in a long long time ago. He’s continuing with the same portraiture imagery of women but starting to up the symbolism bit by bit as he goes.

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Sam Weber is Amazing

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He’s updated his portfolio yet again with dark and glorious imagery. The guy is such an inspiration. His work continues to be spectacular and no that is not an exaggeration.

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Chris B. Murray: Updates

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Illustrator Chris B. Murray was posted here not long ago but he’s updated his portfolio with some excellent new illustration work that is definitely worth checking out.

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Jeremy Enecio

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Jeremy Enecio was born in Ormoc City, Philippines. He received his BFA in illustration in 2008 at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. He currently resides in New York City where he works as a freelance illustrator. He is represented by Levy Creative Management.

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Gregory Euclide

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The artwork of Gregory Euclide takes pieces of landscapes and melts them into almost psychedelic dream like visions that manage to both tug at your imagination while remaining ever-conscious of the physical aspect of the paint medium. I’d imagine they are much more striking in person.

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Joram Roukes

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Mashup of popular culture is probably the most accurate description of Joram Roukes’s artwork that takes elements from graffiti, cartoons, sports, movies and just about everything else put in front of us to distract us from the underlying decay of our society. There is also a bit of Francis Bacon peaking out from the seams if you look closely and that’s just enough to add an edge that can push things a just dark enough to make it very interesting.

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Alex Ziv

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Alex Ziv lives and works in San Francisco and is a recent graduate from SFAI. He recently participated in a group show hosted by Fecal Face titled Cigarettes, Phone Cards & Hip Hop Clothing and has updated his site with new works from the show. Ziv’s work draws heavily from pop culture and cartoons.

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“After working as a digital creative for commercial companies, Sit decided to stop this madness in 2008 and went back to head and handcraft to slice away the fat.”

Funny. I’ve been thinking the same thing lately. There is some nice hand done and possibly digitally finished work in Sit’s portfolio. I am not entirely sure of his technique but there is some amazing talent happening that is generating some darkly beautiful imagery.

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Chris Koehler: Updates

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Illustrator Chris Koehler is an illustrator I very much admire. His work has a very graphic quality although Koehler works with traditional media which is a bit of an ironic breath of fresh air in the now heavily digital world of illustration. He recently updated his portfolio with some spectacular new project work.

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The akirA Project

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The akirA Project is the work of none other than Akira Beard. Not sure who that is or if that is a real name but whoever is responsible for the work in this Flickrfolio is one talented and imaginative human being. It might look messy but it takes a truly gifted hand to master a medium well enough to compose such imagery.

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Tristram Lansdowne

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There are some strangely surreal and meticulously crafted images in the portfolio of Canadian artist Tristram Lansdowne. Many of which I very much enjoy.

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Acid Drops

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“The second in a series of hand painted studies that aim to psychedelically capture the individual styles of influential skateboarders”

Matt Box is responsible for this great little project and he’s looking for some new people to collaborate/create with/for: matthew-box@live.co.uk

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Robert Hardgrave: Updates

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Robert Hardgrave A.K.A. Farmer Bob has kept at it and is still updating with his unique brand of abstract expressionism. That’s probably not the right term for what he does but it will at least start the conversation in describing his work.

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Jose Mertz

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Jose Mertz is an artist and illustrator based out of Miami Florida. It’s a fitting setting for Mertz as his work is a total mashup of cultural influences that somehow all settles on some startlingly memorable imagery.

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