Here is the copy about Salvation Design taken directly from their website:
Salvation is the creative portfolio of Brooklyn, New York based freelance artist & designer Sal Dell’aquila. Salvation focuses on an application of mix-media by fusing illustration, natural textures, & photography with digital art. Sal has produced a wide range of work for clients in several industries, from advertising agencies, new media companies, sports, record labels, magazines, fashion/clothing companies. He is constantly working on personal projects and always making efforts to push the boundaries of his artwork.

Sal’s work shows a lot of talent and an ability to collaborate with some of the top design talent in the business. He is also conveniently located in one of the hottest design spots in the country right now.

What is the deal with all of these awesome people from Brooklyn right now? I think I find a new one almost every week. I swear I am busting my ass non-stop here in Denver and I cannot get a lick of recognition. Denver is asleep and no amount of screaming seems to awaken it. I can’t land decent freelance contracts here and I just can’t generate momentum in this town. It’s killing me softly.

Sorry for the rant there. Enjoy Salvation’s work.

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