“Sonar Fates Limited is owned and founded by UK based illustrator Dean Falsify Cook.

Sonar Fates grew out of the need to supply mobile gaming & modern culture industries with highly detailed, esoteric illustrations, be them static or in considered motion.

Not merely content with providing pixels for hire, he is establishing Sonar Fates as a base on which to launch his own Intellectual Properties.

He likes to describe his work as ‘progressive’ and each piece is meticulously designed to first batter the senses and then as the mental dust settles, subtly invite the viewer to ponder the meaning and devour the details.

He has had the great honour of working with multiple companies worldwide and has been printed in international publications such as Computer Arts, XFUNS and WebsMedia as well as being featured on prominent sites such as Behance, Digital Art Served and Abduzeedo.

He is also a proud member of prestigious international art collective Depthcore.”

This guy knows how to represent himself.

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