Sonar Fates

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“Sonar Fates Limited is owned and founded by UK based illustrator Dean Falsify Cook.

Sonar Fates grew out of the need to supply mobile gaming & modern culture industries with highly detailed, esoteric illustrations, be them static or in considered motion.

Not merely content with providing pixels for hire, he is establishing Sonar Fates as a base on which to launch his own Intellectual Properties.

He likes to describe his work as ‘progressive’ and each piece is meticulously designed to first batter the senses and then as the mental dust settles, subtly invite the viewer to ponder the meaning and devour the details.

He has had the great honour of working with multiple companies worldwide and has been printed in international publications such as Computer Arts, XFUNS and WebsMedia as well as being featured on prominent sites such as Behance, Digital Art Served and Abduzeedo.

He is also a proud member of prestigious international art collective Depthcore.”

This guy knows how to represent himself.

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Depthcore: Updates

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I’ve been following Depthcore for inspirations sake now for several years. It appears they’ve recently updated the look and feel of their website. It looks great and it’s even easier now to peruse some of the inspiring work that regularly appears within their thematic ‘chapters’. The piece above is from the recent chapter ‘Time’ and was created by Pavel Sabelnikov.

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Justin Maller: Updates

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Aussie digital illustrator extraordinaire Justin Maller has updated with some of his patent wild visuals that are always wonderful to look at. Someone needs to partner with him and put some of this work in motion.

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Justin Maller: Updates

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Melbourne-based digital illustrator and designer Justin Maller has updated his unusual portfolio once again. Justin is also the Creative Director of the Depthcore Collective and is represented by the Jacky Winter Group.

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Depthcore XXXIX: Eve

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A new Depthcore pack has been released. This time the theme is ‘Eve‘ which appears to have been fairly loosely interpreted. Once again, it’s a little hit or miss but as always with Depthcore, there is a little something for everyone and there is never anything wrong with some good ‘ole art-for-art’s-sake work. Keep it coming.

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Depthcore XXXVIII. Freestyle IV

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A new Depthcore pack is out (XXXVIII. Freestyle IV). The work I am digging the most this time is definitely the drawings and a few of the photography pieces. I am always a fan of Chris Haines 3D work though (above).

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Depthcore XXXVII – Her

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There is a new Depthcore pack online and this time it is dedicated to ‘her’.

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Depthcore: Heist

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I saw that there was a new Depthcore pack out last week and for some reason spaced on posting it. The new series is called ‘Heist’ and you can see it here. I have always been a fan of Depthcore. Sometimes it can be a little hit and miss and some people aren’t always fans of the crazy digital illustration/design set but I love to see people experimenting off the hinges and pushing technology to produce visuals that are just exciting to look at. How could free-thinking creative be bad in any circumstance?

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Depthcore Pack XXXV: Noir

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There is a new Depthcore pack up for your viewing pleasure. This pack is based on the concept ‘Noir’ and all the imagery is in black and white. I am a huge fan of working only in black and white and there are some really attractive images in this particular pack. Enjoy.

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Depthcore Idio

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A new art pack has been release at Depthcore and as always it features some very interesting entries. I always manage to find something there that inspires me. It is nice to see people pushing the digital format into the realm of art.

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Depthcore Pack 33 – Requiem

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Depthcore released their 33rd themed exhibition, titled ‘Requiem’ today. Kervin Brisseaux is spotlighted in this issue as ‘Requiem’s’ featured artist.  The site itself has also been updated, removing the community elements to place a stronger emphasis on the artists featured on the site along with their work. I wonder if this is early positioning for Depthcore to become a talent agency for these artists as they appear to have the market cornered for the kind of style that the work for Depthcore embodies. It’s just a speculation on my part, take no real stock in it but it could be a possibility.

You can see all the art for Requiem right here.

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