Steven Harrington: Updates

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Steven Harrington is still killing it after many years in the art game. He recently relaunched his website featuring several new works and some great imagery from past gallery shows. He’s a real talent.

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Deanna Halsall

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Fun, colorful and 60’s styled illustrations fill the portfolio of UK-based illustrator and designer¬†Deanna Halsall. Yes, the work is derivative and does remind me of some other illustrators works but the style is something that has been around for a long long time.

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Jonas Bergstrand

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Jonas Bergstrand graduated from Forsberg’s School of Design in 1997. In 2000 he came under the representation of the Central Illustration Agency and has since worked for numerous clients. He has has a kind of 60’s Saul Bass kind of thing happening in his work that is really likeable and just downright cool.

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Sarah King

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The typographical illustration work of Sarah King is absolutely insane.

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Nickolej Villiger

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I am really digging the 60’s steez of Nickolej Villiger.

Found via Booooooom.

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