Massive Attack – Atlas Air

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Edouard Salier directed this dark 3D video for Massive Attack’s single ‘Atlas Air’. It’s a wild visual ride and Salier and his crew at Digital District have secured their place this year as premier motion/animation/3D provocateurs and who better to do so with than Massive Attack.

Lots of people involved on this one:
Artist: Massive Attack ‘Atlas Air’
Directed by Edouard Salier
Produced by: Edouard Salier, Svana Gisla and David Danesi
Production Company: Black Dog Films and Digital District Paris
CGI: Jean Lamoureux, Emilie Caudroit, Rémi Gamiette, Kevin Monthureux, Jimmy Cavé, Romuald Caudroit and Thomas Marquet.
2D: David Sapyyapy, Lou Menais, Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka.
Art & Compositing: Julien Michel, Xavier Reye and Damien Martin.
Record Company: Virgin Records
Commissioner: Svana Gisla
Special thanks to Henrique Vale, Aymeric Vin-Ramarony,
Filipe Jardim, Amandine Moulinet and Olivier Gajan.

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