Baths – Lovely Bloodflow

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I picked up on this today from the Vimeo Staff Picks (which are always awesome by the way) and really enjoyed this video for Baths new single ‘Lovely Bloodflow’ off of the recently released album ‘Cerulean’.

Directed by Alex Takacs and Joe Nankin
DP: Adam Kauper
AC: Andrew Taylor
Wardobe: Lina Lund Mortensen
Make-up: Maria Lee
VFX, Edit, Post: Alex Takacs
Featuring: Takumi Akin, Jane Kilcullen,
Molly Garber, Genevieve Ward
PAs: Ben Krueger, Katherine Carlsburg,
Andrew Scott Levy, Marcus Inglizian,
Will Wiesenfeld, Mario Luna

Very special thanks: Mike Prior, Jason Wolchuk,
Gina Dell’Amico, Jasmin Avila, Mackenzie McNabb, Robert Giardina, Nimrod Zalmanowitz

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