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Blanka has decided to print and sell Austrian graphic designer Alber Exergian’s minimal TV show and movie posters. They swept the internet only a couple of weeks back and Blanka decided to seize the moment and print them as a series of A1 Epson giclee prints. It looks like it could make a nice Christmas gift for your graphic designing loved one.

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Blanka Flickr

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Blanka has opened a Flickr account featuring all of the amazing vintage posters and prints they have sold or have for sale by the likes Wim Crouwel, Josef Müller-Brockmann, Otl Aicher, Build and many more. It reads like a who’s who list of some of the greatest designers in recent history and is a truly inspiring click-through for any aspiring or already accomplished designer. I don’t know what it was about the 70’s but I just can’t get enough of the design from that era or the music. We need to bring that back.

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Blanka has some absolutely fantastic design products for sale including some of my favorite posters of all time, but sweet Lord, you will be paying by the British Pound and it won’t come cheap. Damn the U.S. economy. It is totally harshing on my design mellow man.

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