I Love Dust: Cartoon Network

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I Love Dust was approached earlier this year by the Cartoon Network to produce something memorable for their 20th anniversary. What followed is this 2 minute mind-melting bonanza featuring original music by Mad Decent and nearly every character who’s ever moved across the screen since Cartoon Network began airing content. It’s most definitely I Love Dust’s crowning animated achievement thus far.

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New Cosmos

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Nando Costa sent in this recent promotional spot for the Cartoon Network. It’s of course amazing as is everything his hand seems to touch. We were thrilled just to see his name in our inbox. He worked in tandem with the amazing people at Superfad on this and you can see the enormous list of talent below. We have worked on projects similar to this in the past and you’ll have to take our word for it that producing something like this is extremely difficult. Excellent work again Nando.

Client: Cartoon Network Latin America
Writer/Producer: Manoela Muraro
Production Coordinator: Equana Davis

Production Company: Superfad
Director: Nando Costa
DP: Steve McGehee
Line Producer: John Gomez
Executive Producer: Chris Volckmann

Animation & Post: Superfad
Creative Director: Nando Costa
Art Director: Sean Dekkers
Character Design: Sean Dekkers, Patrick Clarke, Julieta Rodriguez
Lead 3D Artist: Matt Guzzardo
Technical Director: Robin Scher
Modeling/Rigging: Patrick Clarke, Adam Rosenzweig, Andrew Butterworth
Animation: Patrick Clarke, Greg Bekken, Ian Mankowski
Lighting/Texturing: ShuChen Lin
Simulations/FX: Phipat Pinyosophon
Lead Compositor: Joel Voelker
Compositors: Marco Giampaolo, Lu Liu
2D Animation: Nando Costa, Sean Dekkers
Editor: Ryan Haug
Colorist: Joel Voelker
Producer: Jen Schmithorst
Executive Producer: Chris Volckmann

Sound design: JC Richardson
Studio: Magick Lantern
Voiceover: Ethan Major

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