The Cat Man

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If I may, please allow me to introduce you to ‘The Cat Man’ of Canne by way of Paul Trillo for Real Ideas Studio. I think you will find ‘The Cat Man’ to be a rather interesting and entertaining character as I did. But please note, his cats are not on drugs.

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ZipporaLux is Boya Naomi Zippora Latumahina born and raised in the Netherlands but now residing in London. She is a photographer and graphic design student and she like cats and Hubble Space Telescope photos which led to this incredibly fun series of posters that you can purchase via her Etsy shop. How can you not like those posters? They’d make for a great conversation piece in any aspiring design studio.

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Mr. And Mrs. M

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Tom and Liz Muller like cats, black, white, orange and graphic design.

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