Kern the Word

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Kern the Word is the work of Christopher Branson, a young designer currently located in Denver. A few weeks back a care package arrived on my doorstep that included a t-shirt, business card, stickers and a couple of very nicely printed books. They were sent by Branson and I later ran into him at the Bordobello kickoff event in downtown Denver. I was really impressed by his intelligence and ambition. He’s going to go a long long way just as soon as someone opens the door to opportunity for him. It’s tough out there these days in the creative market and just about every other market but he is definitely someone who would add unique talent to any team. If I could swing it right now, I would grab him up myself. Hopefully in a few months I will be in the position to bring in some young talent. That’s always where the future is. You hearin’ me Denver ad agencies?

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