Tame Impala – Expectation

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Tame Impala took a day off of their European tour to allow director Clemens Habicht to arm himself with a 360° camera in a forest just outside of Paris to shoot this video. I have to admit that since their EP came out, Tame Impala has been high on my list of favorite bands. Yes they sound a little bit like a psychedelic version of The Beatles but that description/comparison shouldn’t detour you but make you think about 2 things that are inarguably awesome and those two things are psychedelia and The Beatles. I had a chance to see them at Red Rocks this summer while they were opening for MGMT and I felt like I was one of the only people paying attention to them as they performed a stripped down yet fantastic sounding set. Keep your eye on these guys because simply put they kick ass.

If you need any creative, another music video or illustrations for your next album Tame Impala, we would proudly be your Huckleberry. We have a special affinity for drinking beer with Australians as luck would have it as well.

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Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy

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Edgy, monochromatic music video for Friendly Fires, directed by Clemens Habicht. The band were transformed into Skeleton Boys as a nod to the track’s title, with the aid of tight, black baby-grows, fans and trillions of bean bag balls.

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