Pascal Blanche

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There are lots of new sexy, strange and surreal illustrations in the portfolio of 3D illustrator and concept artist Pascal Blanché whose aptly calling his playground the ‘Derelict Planet’. We would happily take up residence there.

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Paul Blow

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Dorset based illustrator Paul Blow has updated with a new website and work. He is a rare breed of illustrator who put concept above style and it’s exactly that approach that makes all of his images so engaging.

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Jeremy Geddes

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Jeremy Geddes

Chuck Anderson of No Pattern turned me onto this artist through Twitter. I probably spent an hour out of my night clicking back and forth through the work of Jeremy Geddes. His paintings take concept scenarios to the point of photo realism; some very shocking, some unsettling, but there is something to be said for all of the work in this portfolio.

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Alexandre Bettler

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All around interesting work, often loaded with conceptual thinking by London-based designer/thinker Alexandre Bettler.

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