Damien Jurado: Caskets

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I stumbled across this video this morning via Booooooom (which is a absolutely fantastic blog by the way) and was really impressed, not just by the video itself but by the music as well. The video was directed by Seattle-based Matt Daniels (Thinklab) and is for musician Damien Jurado’s song, Caskets. The cinematography is top notch and it’s just a really beautifully shot video.

Full Credits:
Young man: Drake Jurado
Man: Damien Jurado
Caretaker: Jenna Conrad
Doctor: Eric Fisher

Director: Matt Daniels
DP: Mike Ragen
Writers: Damien Jurado, Matt Daniels, Mike Ragen
Art Director: Courtland Premo
Costume Designer: Kira Arnold
Assistant Camera/Locations: Phil Anderson
Assistant Camera (Studio Shoot): Stefan Moore
Makeup Artist: Jennifer Popochock
Editing: Matt Daniels, Joy Andrews
Editing Assistance: Alex Berry, Mike Ragen
Color Correction: Joy Andrews

Production Company: Thinklab
Producer: Jaime Keeling
Unit Production Producer: Michelle Witten

Special Thanks to Mr. Anderson.

More production stills: thinklab.com/dj

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