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This little video by Thinklab was inspired by a TED talk given by Stefan Sagmeister. The Thinklab crew packed up a Canon 5D and travelled through South America, Europe, and New Zealand. The video is all captured from their trip. If this doesn’t make you want to push away from the machine for a while I don’t know what will.

Music: Max Richter – Infra 1

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Damien Jurado: Caskets

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I stumbled across this video this morning via Booooooom (which is a absolutely fantastic blog by the way) and was really impressed, not just by the video itself but by the music as well. The video was directed by Seattle-based Matt Daniels (Thinklab) and is for musician Damien Jurado’s song, Caskets. The cinematography is top notch and it’s just a really beautifully shot video.

Full Credits:
Young man: Drake Jurado
Man: Damien Jurado
Caretaker: Jenna Conrad
Doctor: Eric Fisher

Director: Matt Daniels
DP: Mike Ragen
Writers: Damien Jurado, Matt Daniels, Mike Ragen
Art Director: Courtland Premo
Costume Designer: Kira Arnold
Assistant Camera/Locations: Phil Anderson
Assistant Camera (Studio Shoot): Stefan Moore
Makeup Artist: Jennifer Popochock
Editing: Matt Daniels, Joy Andrews
Editing Assistance: Alex Berry, Mike Ragen
Color Correction: Joy Andrews

Production Company: Thinklab
Producer: Jaime Keeling
Unit Production Producer: Michelle Witten

Special Thanks to Mr. Anderson.

More production stills: thinklab.com/dj

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