Ryan Davis: Dragonheart

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This is the official music video created for Ryan Davis’s single ‘Dragonheart’ off of his album ‘Particles of Bliss’ and was directed and created by Dmitry Zakharov.

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Max Cooper: Micron

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This is the official video by Dmitry Zakharov for the track “Micron” by Max Cooper, released on Traum Schallplatten.

“Life comes into being, blooms and vanishes. And where all life is built of smaller parts that form a living whole, in this video I created fractals of human body parts that are born, bloom to form a larger, more coherent whole, then die. They’re abstracted hands, ears, and faces similar to Max’s earlier ‘positive mutation’ visuals – tying a minimalist look in with abstracted shapes. Max often works with ideas around the aesthetics of science, and I wanted to connect the scientific idea of fractals to the experience of life itself.”

– Dmitry Zakharov, animator.



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