The Mill US Showreel 2012

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I am not sure if I posted this when it first hit the interwebs but even if I did, it is worth a second watch. The Mill continues to stun with jaw-dropping work. It’s nice that they actually kept track of every spot on the reel also.

Music Track: Midnight Conspiracy & Cenob1te – The Eye (Original Mix) Graham Geren, Louis Kha, Chess Hubbard, Mikul Wing

Full Spot List
Sony PS3 – Michael : themill.com/work/sony-ps3-michael.aspx
Sprite – Global Camouflage : themill.com/work/sprite-global-camouflage.aspx
Nissan – Gas Powered Everything : themill.com/work/nissan/gas-powered-everything.aspx
Hennessy – Manny : themill.com/work/hennessy/manny-hd-60.aspx
Dow — The Quiet Train : themill.com/work/dow-quiet-train.aspx
Mattel Hot Wheels – Immersion: themill.com/work/mattel-hot-wheels/immersion.aspx
Cadillac — Trike: themill.com/work/cadillac-trike.aspx
Wrigleys 5 – Icefly: themill.com/work/wrigleys-5-icefly.aspx
P&G — Best Job: themill.com/work/pampg/best-job.aspx
Coca Cola — Modern Dinner: themill.com/work/coke-modern-dinner.aspx
Super Bowl 2012: Audi – Vampire Party: themill.com/work/audi/vampire-partykelvin-r1.aspx
Shaw — Chase: themill.com/work/shaw-shaw-exo.aspx
Adidas Derrick Rose – The Bull : themill.com/work/adidas-derrick-rose—the-bull.aspx
Toyota – Two Worlds: themill.com/work/toyota-camry-two-worlds.aspx
Old Spice – Motorcycle: themill.com/work/old-spice-motorcycle.aspx
Hallmark — Motherbird : themill.com/work/hallmark-mother-bird.aspx
Gillette — Homage: themill.com/work/gillette-homage.aspx
Exhale, a short film by Dan Willams: themill.com/work/exhale-a-short-film-by-dan-williams.aspx
Holi – Festival of Colors: themill.com/work/holi-festival-of-colors.aspx
Emerson — Wolf: themill.com/work/emerson-lukoil-us.aspx
Super Bowl 2012 Budweiser – Return of the King : themill.com/work/budweiser-return-of-the-king.aspx
Dow — Bread : themill.com/work/dow-bread.aspx
Bag Of Bones — Hold Your Breath: themill.com/work/bag-of-bones-hold-your-breath.aspx
Super Bowl 2012 Budweiser – Eternal Optimism : themill.com/work/budweiser-eternal-optimism.aspx
Axe – Susan Glenn : themill.com/work/axe-susan-glenn.aspx
Activision – Prototype 2 : themill.com/work/activision-prototype-2.aspx
Maroon 5 — Payphone : themill.com/work/maroon-5-payphone.aspx
EA Games – Mass Effect 3: themill.com/work/ea-games-mass-effect-3.aspx
Super Bowl 2012 NFL — Timeline : themill.com/work/nfl-timeline.aspx
Target Color – Changes Everything: themill.com/work/target-color-changes-evertying.aspx
State Farm – State of Chaos : themill.com/work/state-farm-state-of-chaos.aspx
Newcastle — Miners: themill.com/work/newcastle-miners.aspx
Jordan — Airborne : themill.com/work/nike-jordan-airborne.aspx
Heineken — The Date: themill.com/work/heineken/the-date.aspx
Emerson — Kangaroo: themill.com/work/emerson-australiaus.aspx
Johnnie Walker – Rock Giant: themill.com/work/johnnie-walker/rock-giant.aspx
Nissan BRAND / Unveiling : themill.com/work/nissan-brand–unveiling.aspx

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Scott Geersen 2012 Reel

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Scott Geersen shows well with a mighty strong reel for 2012 featuring projects utilizing Nuke, Flame and AE (or combinations of all of the above).

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Outer Space

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The footage in this video is derived from image sequences from NASA’s Cassini and Voyager missions. I downloaden a large amount of raw images to create the video.

The song is The Cinematic Orchestra -That Home (Instrumental).

Produced by:
Sander van den Berg

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