Viva la Egyptian Revolution

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We at Changethethought wanted to express on this historic day that we stand in solidarity with the young people of Egypt who have demanded a change for themselves and their families. To have finally achieved success in their endeavor with the resignation of Mubarak is something the world will always remember and the effect of this revolution will no doubt echo throughout the Middle East.

The Egyptian military has done the right thing in choosing to protect the people versus the fascist government. It’s a proud moment for all people who have been subjugated not just by a dictator but by the global body politic.

Of course we recognize the danger that now exists for upheaval and the possibility for another poisonous regime to eek it’s way into dominance. We will continue to pray that this change stabilizes and becomes what the people have fought for and that a new opportunity will arise allowing for the democratic freedom and prosperity that working Egyptians deserve.

As free people ourselves, we feel compelled to support this revolution and extend our best wishes to the amazing people that pushed this radical change. Our heart is with you on this historic day. This is a true moment for peaceful demonstration that should never be forgotten and stands as a real example of what it means to ‘change the thought’.

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Anton Shahov

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Really stunning atmospheric put-you-there travel photography from Anton Shahov.

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