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Here is a little about Filip, in his own words from his website:

Filip Kleremark
Thinker, maker, doer.

I’m very passionate about my work and have a hunger for problems that need creative solving. I have an interest in digital media and the way we interact with things in our daily life. I want to create solutions for brands that engage, brands that also believe in a better future, brands that believe creativity can gain commercial success. I’d like to tell stories people want to hear and give the audience what they might need, not what they already have or have seen before. I want people to react and interact with good ideas, therefore I aim to create work that stays alive, not campaigns that are hot at the moment and forgotten about in a month. Trends show you how to follow, not lead. I want to challenge boundaries and constantly evolve myself and the industry. I’m open to new methods of working, new technology and driven by innovation.

The ad of the future is not an ad.”

He was kind enough to email me about himself and his work and I was really impressed. Thank you Filip.

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