Bill Mund

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Bill Mund is the kind of guy you feel like you know or at least kind of understand after surfing through his uniquely illustrated pop-inspired satirical take on culture and consumerism. It’s the kind of stuff that involves farting Brazilian butts, He-Man, Hugh Hefner and He-Man. If I ever had the opportunity I think I’d buy Bill Mund a beer and probably get totally ripped with the guy because he seems like he’d be a helluva lot of fun to do that with.

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The Delicate Matter

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Steve Seeley struck a special cord with me considering my longstanding fetish for all things He-Man. I actually have my original Castle Greyskull sitting on my new desk in our studio. So when I dropped in on Seeley’s work at The Delicate Matter I was immediately made a fan when I saw the above image and the addition of the bear’s head only managed to up the volume level on the awesome dial. Seeley paints in acrylic and it doesn’t stop at He-Man and bear heads. Might I also recommend looking into his Creature Project as well. Ok, I guess I just did recommend it. So there.

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Under the Influence: He-Man

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Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight is currently hosting an exhibition that brought the memories flooding back. The theme of the show is He-Man, the toy cult phenomenon that so many young boys became devoutly engaged in. I was way into He-Man as a child and had practically every character in my toybox. I even used to make my own custom He-Men by taking them apart, making new costumes and weapons with plastic soda bottles. I would even melt new parts onto my He-Men toys by heating them in the microwave (sounds toxic now). Anyway, as you can see the show is featuring the work of several artists, all of whom interpreted a beloved part of their childhood in a different and unique way.

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