Favourite Typefaces of 2008

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I Love Typography has compiled it’s favourite typefaces of 2008 and there is some really good stuff in there that I had not seen yet.

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Die Neue: This Week In Type

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I Love Typography had a great roundup this week featuring the typeface Akimoto above that I absolutely love and can’t wait to get my hands one. You can catch the whole roundup here.

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On Choosing Type

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How do you choose typography when asked to solve a design problem? It’s a tough question that plagues a lot of young designers and usually takes some time and experience to begin developing a sense of what is appropriate and what isn’t. Personally, I either custom create or modify a lot of the typography that I use. I do have my stock of favorites though that changes based on time and trends but there are a few permanent residents including the obvious like Futura, Helvetica and Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk.

I Love Typography ran an interesting article titled, ‘On Choosing Type’ on the subject here. I found some of it very useful and think it is an article that offers up some great pointers for aspiring designers on a difficult-to-master topic.

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