Sehsucht: Mtv Ident

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Whoah, here is some crazy weird but also totally awesome 3D mograph action by studio Sehsucht™ for an Mtv ident. There was a huge list of folks involved in this little bit of video and you can see who they all are by clicking here.

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Emrah Gonulkirmaz is a BNA Logo Identity Animation winner because of this wild piece created for Colr Inc.

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Umeric: Until Now

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Um. Wow. I mean holy crap. Umeric’s new reel is amazing. Really. They are brimming over with talent and a wild imagination. It looks like those qualities are keeping their team busy too and that’s great to see.

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FUEL TV: Excite Boost

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Fuel TV has added some exceptional new promo spots to their already fantastic reel for their artist ident series. Justin Harder created life-size ‘pixelated’ motorcycle racers for his spot. You can actually see pictures of the process at his Flickr account. It must have taken a crazy amount of time and money to produce. There are also 2 new spots from Brand New School that look amazing and feature some impressive 3D work. You can see the Brand New School spots here and here. It’s refreshing to see a brand both inspiring and allowing so much raw creativity.

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