Red Bull BC One 2011

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Power vs. style – an international b-boying contest offers plenty character inspiration to drool upon. Mate Steinforth and his Berlin Breakers designed and produced this fly announcement trailer in 2011. Watch the 2012 DC version now.

Client: Red Bull GmbH, Austria

Agency: Kastner & Partners, Frankfurt
Creatives: Thomas Gessner

Production Company: Sehsucht Berlin GmbH & Co. KG
Director: Mate Steinforth
Art Direction: Philipp Brömme, Helge Kiehl
Art Department: Anja von Harsdorf, Axel Brötje, Stephan Wever
Design: Mate Steinforth, Julius Brockelmann, Jonas Littke, Christian Zschunke, Ronny Schmidt,
3D: Philipp Brömme (lead), Vitaly Grossmann, Ronny Schmidt
Animation: Matthias Knappe, Lars Krüger
2D Animation: Helge Kiehl, Philipp Rudler
Compositing: Helge Kiehl, Christina Agapitou, Christian Zschunke
Producer: Julia Rudloff, Christian Gemeiner
Music & Sound Design: Michael Fakesch


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There is some hauteness happening in the portfolio of German motion/animation studio Sehsucht. I think I posted some of their work a while back but their has been some updates including the above Pictoplasma Festival 2012 opener, which is amazing by the way.

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Sehsucht: Mtv Ident

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Whoah, here is some crazy weird but also totally awesome 3D mograph action by studio Sehsucht™ for an Mtv ident. There was a huge list of folks involved in this little bit of video and you can see who they all are by clicking here.

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