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Illustrator Stefaan De Croock has some dense and detailed illustration work on his website that is vibrant and kinetic. He’s equally good at translating said imagery from paper to walls and as a result does his share of mural work.

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La Painthouse

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Here is what the newly launched French clothing brand La Painthouse has to say for itself:
“Each line of clothing is based on 3 ingredients:
-A basic theme (for this first season, our inspiration was the crisis as a result of an inefficient monetary system).
-A critical interpretation or artistic vision of that theme
-The use of a high quality cotton and print for an edgy top-notch end result.”

Beyond that what you need to know is that the shirts have been designed by the likes of Evil Design, Jean Spezial, Jon Burgerman, Nate Williams and Shin Tanaka. They aren’t cheap to purchase but they are definitely some well designed tees.

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Wyld Stallyons: Jon Burgerman

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I saw this a while back and forgot to post it. The wildly-talented Wyld Stallyons recently teamed up with doodler-extraordinaire, Jon Burgerman. They created an animation utilizing Jon’s unique characters to promote the release of his new book. It’s interesting to see his characters animated. We contracted Burgerman at Cactus, to cover the Own Your C ride vehicle with his characters. He was very easy to work with and is a really talented guy. Check out the animation and look into picking up a copy of his book.

You can view the animation at Wyld Stallyons website.

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