Jon Contino for Nike

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Illustrator and Typographer Jon Contino recently did his thing for Nike and yielded some simple yet distinct results in keeping with his signature style.

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Soundscreen Design

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Soundscreen Design is a collection of graphic t-shirts anchored by an interesting concept that asks the musicians themselves to create artwork for graphic tees promoting their band or just because. Surprisingly or rather not surprisingly (considering that musicians are artists) there are some pretty damn cool tees in their store. If you like the musicians responsible for their creation it serves as a bit of a double bonus.

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La Painthouse

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Here is what the newly launched French clothing brand La Painthouse has to say for itself:
“Each line of clothing is based on 3 ingredients:
-A basic theme (for this first season, our inspiration was the crisis as a result of an inefficient monetary system).
-A critical interpretation or artistic vision of that theme
-The use of a high quality cotton and print for an edgy top-notch end result.”

Beyond that what you need to know is that the shirts have been designed by the likes of Evil Design, Jean Spezial, Jon Burgerman, Nate Williams and Shin Tanaka. They aren’t cheap to purchase but they are definitely some well designed tees.

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Dripping In Fat

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Dripping in Fat is a small focused company committed to a high level of quality when it comes to the design and production of their unique collection of tees. Personally, I really like the tees but the display of the product via the website really makes Dripping in Fat hard to ignore. It’s a brilliant way to exhibit their wares.

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Fail-ure is a new brand that has been launched by the Serial Cut creative team. The collection consists primarily of tees, sweatshirts and tanks. There is no Spring, Summer or Winter collection because they have no idea where you live. Once a year a new collection will be released for your wearing pleasure.

As could be expected from the minds behind Serial Cut, the website is slick and imagery of the collection is striking and artfully composed. The collection itself is also highly considered and would make a bold statement in anyone’s wardrobe.

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Ugmonk Holiday Special

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Ugmonk got in touch to inform us that they have updated their already flawless cache of shirts with a new design that you can see above. The extra special part of their correspondence was that they would like to offer Changethethought readers an extra 15% off of their purchase until December 15th. Just enter the discount code CHANGETHETHOUGHT at checkout.

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Ugmonk Tees

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Ugmonk has a nice line of t-shirts featuring large simple type. It’s a line of clothing engineered to appease the appetite of a proper design and type nerd. I mean, what designer wouldn’t want a classic grey tee featuring a giant ampersand.

Guilty as charged. I will be ordering one.

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