Phoenix – A Take Away Show

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We have been watching La Blogotheque at work for quite a while now and there are a lot of bands we love who appear on the site, but this is definitely a recent standout. I have listened to the recent Phoenix album so many times now that I feel like I have worn it out. Via Coisa ’74

“It’s a weird game going on between the band and the place where they play. A mesmerizing Eiffel Tower or Trocadero usually steal the show with their size and more or less spectacular tricks, but here’s a band no one would expect to find there, competing with all those crowd-pullers.”

Produced by Chryde for la Blogotheque
Filmed by Vincent Moon
Sounds by François Clos and Guillaume de la Villeon
Edit by Guillaume Guerry
Mix by Francois Clos

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Sigur Ros – A Take Away Show

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Wow, I am just continually blown away by Sigur Ros. I have to see them live in concert next time they come to Denver. If they are that good live then I have been missing out. They just sound amazing.
“A trip across Paris in a van. Lost drumsticks. A cafe you’d never expect to visit before the age of 60. An hour of waiting, and then, voilà–a few notes on the harmonium, a grand piano, a heavenly voice. Sigur Ros on a Take Away Show.”

Images : Vincent Moon
Production : Chryde
Editing : Nat
Sound : Ludovic Morin / François Clos

More here at La Blogotheque

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La Blogotheque

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A coworker turned me on to La Blogotheque today. It is a really extraordinary site where you can watch impromptu music videos and previously recorded live performances from some of the best musicians out there. Vampire Weekend’s performance was particularly impressive. The site really is amazing. It is in French so I would encourage you Americans, like myself, to click around until you uncover all the content that’s on the table. One part of the site that you absolutely cannot miss is the “Concerts A Emporter” section. There are some really exciting performances there.

Why don’t we have anything like this stateside yet? It’s a brilliant idea. This site makes me want to get out there and see more shows. It’s perfect for a Friday afternoon.

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