Made You Look: Nikola Tamindzic

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Matthew Newton has posted a new interview with photographer Nikola Tamindzic. His images form the visual lynchpin of Nick Denton’s Gawker Media since 2004. Gawker has become synonymous with documenting New York nightlife debauchery. Recently he has switched over to fashion and editorial. His nightlife images aren’t easily forgotten and tend to invoke shock and sometimes a little disgust. All of them are interesting though and are hard to peel your eyes from causing what I would call ‘curiosity traffic’ similar to driving slowly by the scene of an accident. It’s interesting work and an interesting interview.

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Made You Look: Zamak

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Writer Matthew Newton, who recently interviewed me for his weekly ongoing Made You Look column has an interview with French 3D artist, Zamak this week. His work has generated a lot of buzz online in the last few weeks so it might be worth popping by Matthew’s site to read the interview. Zamak’s work is inarguably one-of-a-kind.

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Made You Look: Changethethought

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The very kind and true purveyor of all things creative, Matthew Newton interviewed me this week for his ‘Made You Look’ column. It is a pretty long interview actually because anyone who knows me knows that I can be a bit of a rambler once you pull my string. He did a great job at getting across my personality though and I was able to answer some pretty fundamental questions about my ethos and established philosophy. I really appreciated him asking me to interview and please visit, not just to read my interview, but to support Matthew and his website because he is building a great interview archive there. Even if you are not a fan of my work, I can guarantee he has interviewed someone that you are interested in and would like to find out more about.

Thank you again Matt. You can read the interview here.

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Made You Look: Grotesk

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Matthew Newton is a author/writer who has a blog that I frequent from time to time. He always has some interesting tid-bit up to nibble on and quickly digest. He runs a weekly column on his blog entitled ‘Made You Look’ that documents art and design from all around the globe. His current column features the work of Swiss-born artist and designer, Kimou Meyer, AKA Grotesk. Growing up in Geneva, young Kimou hit the streets in his teens with graff artist DEKA only to find that tagging wasn’t really his premier talent. Luckily he eventually landed on design and typography where his work, although very graphic, still manages to carry a human touch. He is now married and a father of two. He is also the Creative Director at Zoo York. The greatest thing about him is that he has managed to work for major brands all while casually snubbing consumer culture in his personal work. That is the kind of irony I myself have dabbled in and is a dichotomy I think a lot of us who are old enough to see through the bullshit can identify with. Even more ironically, that disruptive spirit is what has made him an artist who has stayed in demand.

You can read his interview at Matthew Newton’s site now and while your there you might want to stick around and click through some previous versions of Made You Look where you can find even more great interviews with some of the more interesting players in the creative game.

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