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Illustrator artist Messy Msxi was born in Singapore but studied at Central Saint Martins, London. She has recently completed a series of illustrations for an exhibition titled ‘Ten Years Of Work For Every Minute On Stage’ which you can see at her site.

Here is a brief excerpt from Msxi on her impetus for the imagery in the show:

“This series is an outright documentation of: failure, process, training, preparing, suffering, bruising, not giving up and a toast to “the beginner’s spirit”. It serves as a reminder that success never comes easy and its the journey that builds character. It is a series seeking to encourage all who are in difficulty, to remind everyone who trudge the tough road that it will be worth it in the end.”

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Messy Msxi

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Born in Singapore, Msxi is a recent design graduate from the Central Saint Martins School of Arts and Design. Her illustrations revolve around various ideas concerning the environment and the consumer way of life.

Link via The Artist and His Model

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