Messy Msxi

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Illustrator artist Messy Msxi was born in Singapore but studied at Central Saint Martins, London. She has recently completed a series of illustrations for an exhibition titled ‘Ten Years Of Work For Every Minute On Stage’ which you can see at her site.

Here is a brief excerpt from Msxi on her impetus for the imagery in the show:

“This series is an outright documentation of: failure, process, training, preparing, suffering, bruising, not giving up and a toast to “the beginner’s spirit”. It serves as a reminder that success never comes easy and its the journey that builds character. It is a series seeking to encourage all who are in difficulty, to remind everyone who trudge the tough road that it will be worth it in the end.”

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Fendy Ibrahim

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Fendy Ibrahim is currently a student at Nanyang Tech University, School of Art, Design and Media, Singapore. Only two years in and already in possession of a mature, colorful and considered body of work that would strike envy in the heart of an experienced designer.

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Abdul Basit Khan

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Direct from Abdul Basit Khan’s about section:
Abdul Basit Khan (1984, PK) is a graphic designer currently working at a design research laboratory at the Department of Architecture in the National University of Singapore where he produces printed matter and interactive applications.

He received a BA in Design (research) from the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2007. In 2004 he studied Graphic Design at Lasalle in Singapore.

His self initiated work explores the interests of science-fiction, dystopian futures, architecture and urbanism.

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Charlene Chua

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Charlene Chua, that’s ‘choo-wah’ to you, was raised in Singapore and began working first as a web designer in 1998. From there she worked for some very large agencies but decided to pursue illustration in 2003 and taking the full time leap in 2006. It’s a good thing she did because she is very good at what she does.

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Me and Mister Jones

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Me and Mister Jones comprises of the creative duo Fanny Khoo and Tom Merckx. This husband-and-wife team has done work for Absolut Vodka, several Antwerp fashion brands, ICI-Dulux to name a few, and have set up creative projects such as The Flink Paper and The UseAgain Exhibition whilst being featured in numerous publications from Victionary and Die Gestalten Verlag and magazines like +81, Dazed and Confused, IDEA, Studio Voice etc.”

Via the Krop Creative Database, which was something new to me and looks like it could be a really great way to host your creative portfolio.

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Asylum is a creative company that is comprised of a design studio, retail store, workshop and a record label. Sounds like all the bases are covered. They started in 1999 and have worked through the full range of design mediums. UK Magazine recently wrote that they were “probably the best design agency in Singapore today”.

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