MI-ZO: Updates

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Zoren Gold and Minori Murakami have updated their unique body of photography work with more colorful, pop-fashion images of attractive and elaborately costumed and sometimes rather completely uncostumed models.

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Mi-Zo: Updates

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Zoren Gold and Minori have done a minor update to their amazing photography portfolio with yet more brain-meltingly colorful fashion-twinged imagery. I can’t get enough of their work.

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MI-ZO Photography

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I wrote about the exploits of Photographer duo Zoren Gold and Minori on my last blog but they have since updated their their site for their studio MI-ZO with loads of stunning new material. Their approach is more about capturing the freedom found within dreams and alternative reality than just framing a moment of physical reality. This philosophy opens the door for how they allow other mediums to influence their imagery as well and you will see this in their work. Since beginning their collaboration in 2000, they have exhibited throughout Europe and Japan. It is worth spending some time digging through their portfolio because it is treasure chest full of gems.

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