The Node

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The Node is a new project from the imaginative mind of Murat Pak.

“‘The Node’ is a project of time-image represented as pixels, which is connected to its reinterpretations done by various frequency artists.

“The Node” should be considered as a virtual installation including a collection of recurrences. Each audial redesign of ‘The Node’ will be made by the pure minds in the list below. A notification will be made when each version goes online.”

Antfood, Audionerve, Box of Toys Audio, Calvin Markus, Combustion, Cypheraudio, David Della Santa, David Kamp, Drasko Vucevic, Ece Pak, Echolab, Jeff Dodson, Mutant Jukebox, Studio-Takt, Nikolai von Sallwitz aka Taprikk Sweezee and Wiener Music

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“An experimental typographic work (from Murat Pak); trying to go beyond the limits of our well known garamond.”

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Here is a refreshing meditative 3D/motion experiment from Murat Pak.

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