Nathan Manire: Update

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Illustrator Nathan Manire notified us that he recently updated his portfolio and he has expanded upon his style and capabilities with some new and refreshing imagery. He is a multifaceted talent as capable by the way of hand as by the way of the mouse and that is much more clear in his updated book.

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Nathan Manire: Updates

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Illustrator Nathan Manire reached out to inform us that he has updated his portfolio with more of his intricate portrait work. This time the update comes with an illustration of famed basketball giant Lebron James who made a lot of people happy this year and also pissed off an entire city/state upon his recent decision to uproot. It’s crazy how much his likeness has popped up recently in design and illustration circles. The economy he has fueled around himself and his career is impressive.

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Nathan Manire

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Illustrator Nathan Manire was originally in Detroit but is now based in New York City. He has recently developed a new technique using watercolor to create a pixelated look that I would imagine requires a fair bit of patience to accomplish. The end result of his diligence is a striking image. To truly appreciate the amount of detail, take a few steps back from your monitor and squint your eyes a bit.

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