Fourteen Square Feet: Updates

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Brooklyn based artist and sculptor Nick van Woert has some new work on his website that is worth noting if anything for it’s peculiarity. A cross-sectional breakdown of a classic roman marble bust is an interesting concept and makes for an arresting visual. There is also an obvious deeper undertone to the re-imagining of traditional art and it’s context within the societal psyche. Weird. But good weird.

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Fourteen Square Feet

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Artist Nick van Woert produces the kind of ‘reexamination of pre-existing/accepted western cultural art norms’ that could be described as trendy but forces you to reconsider something old as something colliding with the new. It’s the kind of art that is clever enough to make it into the highly curated postings of But Does it Float (damnit all that blog is cool). It’s also the kind of art that as an artist you look at and think, ‘shit that’s brilliant, why didn’t I think of that?’ Well, Nick beat you to it. Lastly, it’s the kind of sculptural art that could only be realized in a post pop art-modernism society. Placing one of Woert’s sculptures in your home would most certainly spark a conversation. One that would no doubt start with, ‘…well this is interesting’. Woert currently resides in Brooklyn which if you’ve been paying attention to all of the ‘it’s the kind of art that’ sentences in this post shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

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