AKA Magazine – Issue 6

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Montevideo-based digital magazine AKA got in touch with us to let us (and you know) that their 6th issue is now available for both download and online viewing. As always there is some good stuff inside that is definitely worth a browse for inspirations sake.

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AKA – New Issue

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AKA has released a new issue of their online publication focusing on design, photography and creativity. I am really impressed by AKA’s curation and website. They keep pulling together some really inspirational content and they are doing it right.

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AKA is a Montevideo-based (Uruguay) online magazine centered around visual art and creative. Wow, it looks beautiful, send me a ticket guys, I’d love to visit. The magazine encompasses subject matter ranging from design, photography, cinema and illustration with an aim to showcase local talent. (The image above was pulled from an article in a recent issue of AKA and features the beautiful furniture of Menini Nicola).

AKA launched in 2009, and quickly grew into something larger than “just-another-digital-magazine” to a more immersive experience. The feature “Videoteque” for example, now serves as an audiovisual show and tell for young directors. There is also a blog highlighting creative from around the world.

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Digital Temple 9

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Digital Temple Magazine has released another issue (issue 9) entitled ‘Rebirth Spring MMX’ that is again filled with some fantastic content. The above image is from the amazingly talented Jonathan Zawada who is featured in the ‘Design’ section of this issue. I am continually impressed by the content of Digital Temple.

Here is an outline of the most recent issue:
MOTION : Edouard Salier for MASSIVE ATTACK / Splitting the Atom
: Cody Hoyt
: Carlos Nunez
: Antony Micallef – Mark Warren Jacques – Aleksandra Rdest
DESIGN : Jonathan Zawada
FASHION : Amanda Camenisch
POLA ADDICT : Katja Sonnewend
DIVIDERS : Joao Travessa

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Frozzen Magazine

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Frozzen Magazine is an online publication that I had never heard of until I received an email from them alerting me that they had a new issue available for viewing. I was really impressed by what was covered within the online magazine and definitely came away inspired after a flip-through. Good stuff.

The above layout is in the current issue and was created by Superexpressso.

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Newwork Magazine 4

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There is a new issue of Newwork Magazine available for your viewing pleasure, and viewing it is indeed a pleasure.

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Newwork Magazine 3

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There is a new (maybe not super new because it has been a while since I popped in) issue of Newwork Magazine online for your viewing inspiration. I am increasingly impressed by the level of quality. There is always some fantastic stuff in there.

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Monarkh is an online magazine dedicated to art and design. They already have some great interviews up with some of the best out there.

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Newwork Magazine 2

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A new issue of Newwork Magazine is up for your viewing pleasure. This newest issues features a bunch of really cool people responsible for making a bunch of really cool stuff. It’s curated by people in Brooklyn so coolness is guaranteed.

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Digital Temple Magazine

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I have to admit, I never know what to expect with online art and design magazines but I was really surprised by the quality of the work and the curating by the editors of Digital Temple Magazine. It’s a great flip through and there is some really spectacular work for both design and photography there that is ready to inspire. It was nice to see some artistic nudity and some racier work as well that isn’t afraid to go out on the edge. It is liberating to see artists being unafraid to express themselves and not being censored as a result.

You can check their back issue here as well.

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IdeaFixa Issue 11

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There is some pretty tasty stuff in the newest issue of online art ‘e-magazine’ IdeaFixa. You have to create a free account to login and flip through it but there is always quality work in it and it’s always an inspirational flip-through. Buy the ticket and take the ride if you catch my drift.

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Newwork Magazine

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There is always lots of good stuff as far as photography and design go in the online magazine Newwork. I have known about it for quite a while and am a little surprised I haven’t written about it yet. Ah well, I can’t possibly cover everything now can I? I try though.

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