The Luxury of Protest: Updates

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It’s been a very long time since I have dropped in on the work of London-based graphic designer Peter Crnokrak at The Luxury of Protest. I am glad I did because there is some new and really beautiful work in his portfolio since I last looked.

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The Luxury of Protest

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Born Petar Crnokrak in Pristeg Croatia : emigrate to Windsor Canada at age two : discover The Smiths age fifteen : dance to Detroit Techno in Detroit 1988 : move to London (Canada) to study medicine at Uni : then to Montréal to complete a doctorate in evolutionary genetics : DJ right before Jeff Mills at new years party Montréal 1999 : move to Toronto to start a postdoctoral fellowship but become crushingly bored with life : attend a course on graphic design to “see if I like it” : decide to leave the sciences for design in spite of the course : back to Montréal 2002 for two years of art college and glorious 18-hour work days : graduate in 2004 and found ± design as tribute to previous career in the sciences : move to NYC in 2006 to work at the apartment and flirt with sweet girls : then to London UK in fall 2007 : drop the ± moniker and found The Luxury of Protest.

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