Tony Ariawan: Area 105

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Tony Ariawan is apparently just a simple ordinary guy from Indonesia who really likes 3d and graphics. Well, it looks like he does a little more than just like them, he crafts some pretty interesting images, a particular standout is this series featured bright and big at his Behance page. You can also see his work at his personal website Area 105.

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Pseu Pseu Pseudio Pseodo

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Czech Illustrator/Designer Jiri Adamek has some interesting imagery on display at his site, Pseudo Pseudo. I am a stickler for Giraffes. His work looks similar to what I think appears to be an emerging trend coming out of Poland and the Eastern block defined by vibrant psychedelic Photoshop collages with a hint of type sprinkled here and there. Trendy as it may be, it is pretty fun to look at and I have a hard time not linking back to it when I see it done well.

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