Sebastian Curi: Montage 2012

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Argentinian motionographer Sebastian Curi currently works at Plenty and the proof of his talent is in the pudding at Plenty. Now say that three times really fast.

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Pablo Alfieri: Updates

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Pablo Alfieri has been on a roll now for a while. He’s recently updated his Behance-folio with several new works including new typographical work for Nike and several other projects. He’s also still successfully helping run one of the hottest new motion studios out there at Plenty.

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Plenty 2011

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Pablo Alfieri from Plenty let me know that they have updated with new work and a new reel for 2011. They have been moving quickly since their start and are churning out some fantastic work as you can see by their reel.

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Pablo Alfieri has teamed up with Motion Designer Mariano Farias to form a new studio focusing on Motion, Illustration, Design and Art Direction. The studio is called Plenty and they already have an excellent reel posted.

Pablo is a guy who has kept up with me via email and a little on Facebook. He just seems like a super positive guy and is someone I would very much like to meet in person one day. I wish you all the best with your new studio Pablo. Thank you for the email. You guys are going to be very successful.

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