Aurelien Arnaud

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Illustrator Aurélien Arnaud is one half of studio PNTS. He has an interesting style that is somewhat reminiscent of Jesse Auersalo or what Theo Gennitsakis has been up to lately. The imagery appears as though it was created digitally but still possesses a tangible quality comparable to a pencil drawing. I am not entirely sure, nor do I particularly care who was the originator or this illustrative style. I feel like all 3 of these artists are doing something a little different with it and I like it.

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French design studio PNTS has updated with both a new website and added several new works to their collective portfolio.

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There is a really good body of work in the portfolio of French studio PNTS, not the least of which is a series of really cool geometric symmetrical layouts using old school bodybuilding photographs. Nothing like Arnold in the 70s.

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