Vermibus Process

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Advertising is mostly ugly, distractingly noisy clutter. So why not make some improvements or at the very least some art.

Camera: Xarlee, cargocollective.com/xar_lee
Editing: David de Larrea
Music: Rob Costlow – Contemporary Piano – Bliss

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Wojciech Pijecki

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Polish illustrator Wojciech Pijecki utilizes photos that he dismantles, illustrates over and totally re-imagines to generate some striking imagery that is lush with detail. He outlines the process on how he creates some of the imagery at his Behance portfolio.

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Andrew Holder: Updates

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We’ve had the shear pleasure of working with illustrator Andrew Holder in the past and we are big fans of his work. He has a simple but inarguably classic style that walks the line between fine art and illustration. He’s an absolute professional to work with and he’s recently updated his website so if you are in the market for something unique, it’s a good time to give the man a call. Great work Andrew.

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Julien Langendorff

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Julien Langendorff is doing the hip, weird, retro, 70s psychedelic collage thing right just when you thought it couldn’t be done right anymore. Well Langendorff will prove you wrong.

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Ill Studio

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Ill Studio has launched a new and in many ways even more strange and eccentric portfolio of work. They have noted that they’d like to make a bit of a departure from their older works and move toward the new direction they have taken.

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Aaron Vergult

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Trendy, trippy and varied are some go-to words to begin describing the highly experimental portfolio of renaissance man Aaron Vergult.

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Julien Pacaud

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Julien Pacaud generates some strange but interesting image collages. They are highly staged and have a bit of a ‘Monty Python’ twinge to them.

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Tom Sewell: Updates

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Psychedelic collage artist and graphic designer Tom Sewell has updated with a few new and extremely trippy projects since I last checked in. He also has some of his work available as prints here if you’d like to have a little something to hang on your wall and scare your friends with (shrooms not included).

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Minjeong An

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Whoah, there is some highly original work happening in the artistic portfolio of Minjeong An. When I first saw the work above I was stopped in my tracks and ended up having to spend a little extra time just taking it in.

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Leif Podhajsky

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Leif Podhajsky has updated yet again with more of what has evolved into his signature style. He has continued to draw in the clients and he has been knocking out an ever-growing body of impressive work.

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Miles Donovan: Updates

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There is some nice new updates to the portfolio of illustrator Miles Donovan. I really dig his style. It’s simple and it’s definitely Photoshop but it somehow manages to avoid the pitfalls of appearing over digital and still feels very ‘printerly’.

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Nick Thompson

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I am digging this series of skate decks for Future Past Skateboards by Australian designer and illustrator Nick Thompson. It’s a great mishmash of 50’s advertising and pop art stewed together. What better place than a skate deck for something like that?

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City of Transients

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I am digging this series of collages by artist and photographer John Vincent Aranda. It’s definitely Roy Lichtenstein inspired work but of course Lichtenstein’s work was influenced by popular comic book artists of that time. The circle goes around. I was more inspired though because I have been looking at old comic book illustrations like this a lot lately as an influence on my own drawing and illustration work.

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26 letters 26 pictures

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I am digging some of the restrained typographic collage work in the series ‘26 letters 26 pictures‘ by graphic designer Denis Lefèvre.

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Winston Chmielinksi

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Artist Winston Chmielinksi’s work blends photography, collage and paint and in doing so blurs the lines between the subject and the abstraction thereof.

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Non-Format – Sanahunt Times

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Design house Non-Format updates yet again with notable work, this time for The Sanahunt Times as well as a few other new postings for various clients. As always, every piece posted to their portfolio is an inspiration unto itself.

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Non-Format: Updates

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The notorious team that is Non-Format and by now needs no introduction in the design circle has updated yet again with some striking new project work.

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Phil Wrigglesworth

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Illustrator Phil Wrigglesworth knows how to present his work and does so in a way that immediately familiarizes the viewer with his visual language. It’s a smart move for an illustrator in this day and age of art and illustration as product.

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