Pogo: Behance

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Argentinian design and illustration studio Pogo has been posted here before but they have some newer and excellent work in their Behance-folio including some red hot exhibition work.

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Wishery (Disney Remix)

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POGO is at it again only this time instead of visual trickery Snow White-style it’s audio instead. It’s still a brilliant little piece of music and will only definitely peak interest in the new mixup mashup internet audio-visual art landscape that we have only just begun spiraling into.

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Pogo is a boutique design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have some great work in their portfolio but I was particularly drawn to their branding campaign for MTV’s 16 and Pregnant show. At first I think I was drawn out of sheer jealousy for what would most definitely been a great campaign to have been awarded but then I was really impressed by what they created. You don’t need to speak Spanish to appreciate the faux-infomercial above.

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