Chase No Face: BELL

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It’s always refreshing to see a simple concept done in a practical way using modern technology to generate an original result as is the case in the music video for BELL.

Visuals by Zach Lieberman, Francisco Zamorano, Andy Wallace, and Michelle Calabro.

(note: no post-production effects were used in this video. everything on the face is happening in real-time, via hacked Kinect, laptop and LED projector. It’s built using FaceTracker code from Jason Saragih)

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Mille – Crysteena

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Swedish motion design studio Upper First has been cranking out some noteworthy projects lately including the experimental music video above for Mille shot in collaboration with photographer David Einar. The use of mannequins as a canvas for video projection is super clever.

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The Cosmopolitan: West Lobby

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“The West Lobby is a kinetic space, centered around 8 giant central columns wrapped with mirrors and LCD screens. Rockwell Group’s LAB installed 384 displays on the columns and 26 behind the registration desk to create a platform for a variety of customized immersive digital experiences in the space. Off this lobby is the dream-like Vesper bar with a ceiling covered in metal mesh to look like a cloud, and shimmering silvers and whites throughout the space.”

Beautiful result from this effort.

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