Museum Studio: Updates

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Stockholm based Museum Studio has been busy and has been updating with some new and as always unique project work. I cut their two posters for the exhibit “It was on Earth that I knew Joy” at the SCION artspace in Los Angeles in half just two show how the two worked together. Like I said, very unique and always interesting work.

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It Was On Earth That I Knew Joy

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‘It Was On Earth That I Knew Joy’ is the recent art film directed by Jean-Baptiste de Laubier and presented by the ever-inpiring Sixpack France. The film premiered on February 20th at the SCION Gallery in Los Angeles in an exhibition curated by Sixpack France. The trailer alone is a thought provoking bit of short film.

If you haven’t visited Sixpack France lately, now is a good time to do so. They have recently relaunched and stocked up with a really amazing new collection of apparel. I was and always have been a big fan of their t-shirts, especially considering the caliber of artists, designers and illustrators they work with but they are growing into an inspiring brand. I try to steer from being a free PR engine here but my admiration for what they do is sincere. They seem to have genuinely rooted their company in a passion for the arts and that’s an inspiring model for all of us in this business.

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The Art of Music

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In conjunction with French collective ill-Studio, Scion is currently presenting The Art of Music show at the Installation LA Gallery. The exhibition opened on September 6. The show celebrates the intertwining of art and music and the symbiotic relationship they often share. In my opinion, music is art. It is all one thing to me. But anyway.

The Art of Music brings together 15 international artists to exhibit their varying visual interpretations of music.

You can see a preview of works in The Art of Music now and learn more about the exhibit at www.scion.com/space

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