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This short film animation is AKA director David Prosser’s rumination on a trip to Seoul. He was invited by SICAF and the animation was developed using his personal sketchbook created through observing day-to-day life in the city. The story is based on the lives of 3 people who live in Seoul where they are always watched over by the mountains that lie just beyond the city.

Client: SICAF 2012
Title: Mountain
Director: Dave Prosser
Production Company: Studio AKA

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There are some stunning examples of simple layout and beautifully composed typography happening in the portfolio of Seoul, Korea-based design studio Workroom.

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Zero Per Zero

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ZERO PER ZERO is a design duo of two graphic designers in Seoul, Republic of Korea. We are mainly specialized in the field of graphic, information design as well as illustration. We produce and sell various graphic products including City Railway System.

We like to make the world an exciting, new, and happy place with our designs, which are concentrated on graphics.”

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