Sheep Nation

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“In a world desperate for uniqueness and originality, the greatest irony may be that we ultimately succumb to “following the herd”. Whether we like it or not, we the “sheeple” have become fervent disciples of a globalized economy. Sheep Nation a series of photographic works by Montreal-based contemporary artist Davide Luciano, explores this fertile ground through a characteristically satirical yet compassionate lens.

This large-scale photographic series includes 23 intimate and introspective portraits of sheeple. Behind every mask lies a personal truth, an innocence, a sense of individualism, a longing to be seen and heard. The 6 mises en scène depict people unable to think for themselves. Allowing the influences of different forms of media to undermine their own identity and wander mindlessly in herds, like sheep.

With the help of a special effects make-up artist to create prosthetic masks, the 3 hour transformation began. The use of product branding in each scene puts forth the idea that we live in a world where we are slaves to consumerism and where advertising has us chasing a need to be accepted.

Davide Luciano is a conceptual and fine-art photographer/filmmaker based in Montreal, Canada; He creates large-scale photographic prints that are cinematic in scope and compelling in content. Every photograph is cast and staged meticulously, adding to the intriguing narrative and sense of satire that surrounds these stunning photographs. The work is detailed and vibrant with amazing surrealist qualities that put the imagination to the test.

Davide has alternated between street projects and choreographed tableaux to create suggestive bodies of work that consciously aim to build and communicate an alternative kind of photographic truth.

His recent series ‘Potholes’ (2010) has been exhibited throughout North America, having had solo and group exhibitions in cities such as New York, Toronto, Montreal, Washington, Kentucky. He has won numerous awards, including an award of excellence from the Guggenheim, and his work has been featured in countless international publication including Vanity Fair, Kurv Australia, Le Monde and The Telegraph to name a few.”

Sheep Nation will be exhibited at Pentimento Fine Art Gallery May 3rd to June 3rd, 2012

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