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Well, I am in it to win it with the American dream now as I have purchased a new home here in Denver, Colorado complete with adjacent art gallery and studio (yes, there is literally an art gallery in my back yard). Needless to say, I am on the hunt for projects to help me hold down the fort. I will also be working towards putting together some design/typography related art shows next year at the gallery as soon as I have it up to speed. It’s high time to bring the international design scene to Denver. There is a hunger here for it and I am ready to load up the plate.

I recently completed a large series of comps for Ride Snowboards and I am currently seeking more project work in the snow/skate sports market. I am also just looking for new freelance project work in general. Have a look at the recent work for Ride and please contact me via hire(at)changethethought.com if you are interested in discussing using or collaborating with Changethethought for your next project.

Here endeth the self-promotional plug (gotta feed the family).

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Magomed Dovjenko: Updates

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Wow, shit hot, I mean blazingly-kick-ass new work is abounding in the portfolio of Magomed Dovjenko. I was mind-blown. How it is possible that he is self-taught is beyond my imagination. But hey, maybe that is exactly why he is so good.

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