Magomed Dovjenko: DOMO ARIGATO

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I am really digging this new and smart series by young illustrator/designer¬†Magomed Dovjenko who recently corrected me from a previous post that he is not yet even in his twenties. I feel a little Takashi Murakami coming on when I look through this series but that doesn’t lessen it for me at all, it actually makes it even better.

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Magomed Dovjenko: Updates

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Magomed Dovjenko is a designer and illustrator I’ve been following for several years now. He is one of those select few who learned to make a name for himself when he was still in his teens and is experiencing quite a bit of success as a commercial designer while still only being in his early twenties. He has since updated his site quite a bit since I last dropped in on his portfolio. His bright, colorful, poppy and pulp-infused work is always worth the inspirational browse.

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Magomed Dovjenko: Again

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The young wunderkind Magomed Dovjenko has posted some new and as always extremely inspiring work to his portfolio. He just keeps getting better and I am a big big fan of his work.

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Magomed Dovjenko: Update

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Young illustrator/designer wild child Magomed Dovjenko has updated both his website and portfolio with more detailed work for clients like Nike.

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Magomed Dovjenko: Updates

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IAMMAGO has been updated with a slick and highly stylize new interface that boldly presents the work in the biggest way possible. Magomed is Russia, Grozny (Chechnya) and established himself within the last 2 years as a hot digital illustration talent with a flair for gooey vector imagery. He has been working for some big names in the industry lately and ironically our paths have crossed on some client projects a few times without him or I even realizing it. I am a fan of his work and have been for some time.

He is presently searching for a 2011 internship in Germany but I think he should be aiming a little higher for something like say an Art Director position at least. You can do it Magomed, you have plenty of talent.

Thanks for the comment tip about his new website from our reader ‘Peter’.

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German-based illustrator and KDU member Magomed Dovjenko has updated his website with his typically wild and colorful mind-bending vector-to-Photoshop mashup imagery.

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Magomed Dovjenko: Updates

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Wow, shit hot, I mean blazingly-kick-ass new work is abounding in the portfolio of Magomed Dovjenko. I was mind-blown. How it is possible that he is self-taught is beyond my imagination. But hey, maybe that is exactly why he is so good.

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