Some Type of Wonderful Prints

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A calendar as well as individual prints created for each month from the contributing artists have been made available at Lifelounge from this year’s Some Type of Wonderful. Siggi Eggertsson’s print (above) turned out nicely.

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Some Type of Wonderful 2010

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Luke from Lifelounge contacted me to let me know that he has put together an exciting group of creatives for next year’s installment of Some Type of Wonderful. As opposed to my explanation, here is the explanation of the initiative from the source:

“Some Type of Wonderful is a global typographic initiative conceived by Lifelounge in 2008 to showcase the best of the world’s creative talent across the realms of art, design and illustration. Each year 12 artists are selected for their unique approach to the craft and are given an individual typographic design brief based around a month of the year. The artist is asked to interpret the brief in a way that typographically represents what that month specifically means to them. How abstract or literal the interpretation is completely up to them.

Each piece is made available as a series of museum grade limited edition Giclée prints on high quality cotton rag art paper and is accompanied by a signed and editioned STW Certificate of Authenticity by the artist. The pieces are made available through a series of exhibitions this October and online at lifelounge.com.

All of the responses are then compiled and laid out in a beautifully designed and limited edition wall calendar for art, design and typography enthusiasts to enjoy for the following year. These will also be made available through lifelounge.com.”

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Some Type of Wonderful Store

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Lifelounge has put up the official Some Type of Wonderful store and there are still several A1-sized prints available from some very renowned typographers and illustrators. The only catch is they are not cheap.

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Some Type of Wonderful

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The Some Type Of Wonderful09 Exhibition will be held at the McCulloch gallery in Melbourne from 22 – 25 October, 2008

If you’re in the area drop down and have a beverage or two and get up close and personal with the final individual artworks on the opening night:

FROM 6 – 10PM

McCulloch Gallery
8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne

Featured Artists:

Alex Trouchut
Merijn Hos
Jesse Hora
Si Scott
Timba Smits
Justin Lee Williams
Niels Shoe Meulman
Steve Espo Powers
Luke Lucas

download flyer for more details

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