Hylton Warburton

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Hylton Warburton is a graphic designer and illustrator from Durban, South Africa. There is some fun poster and illustration work with a bit of an antique feel in Warburton’s portfolio. There is a wealth of personality represented in the work.

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Kronk is a South African illustrator inspired by street culture, graffiti, comics and pop art. There is a nice range happening in his portfolio that suggests a strong set of skills in both graphic design and illustration.

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Studio Muti is Clinton Campbell and Miné Jonker.
They are based in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.
After spending over 4 years with local illustration pioneers Am I Collective, Miné and Clinton decided to team up and form Studio Muti.  Together they combine their creative talents to provide illustration, typography and design both locally and abroad.”
Muti have a broad and beautiful portfolio that signals some serious talent in both illustration and design.

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Jordan Metcalf: X Games

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South African illustrator/designer Jordan Metcalf has been on a roll lately and recently posted some excellent illustrations for the 2011 X Games. The images are black and white, kinetic and super fun to look at.

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Bison: Updates

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Linsey Levendall and Daniel Orme make up Bison, a creative studio based in Cape Town, SouthAfrica. They have been our radar for a while now but have kept updating their portfolio with new and truly beautiful projects that straddle the line between art and design.

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Jordan Metcalf for Nike

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South African designer and typographer Jordan Metcalf has been busy and recently released some slick typographical imagery produced for Nike. You can see the work in his Behance portfolio but also get a glimpse of more of his efforts in his Flickr-folio.

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World Cup 2010 South Africa

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Christopher Guinness created this little animated 3D commercial to get people psyched about the World Cup. It was a shame to see the U.S. go home today after such a tough game with Ghana but I hope Americans stay interested in the sport. Being married to a Brazilian, I have no choice but to watch World Cup but over the last 10 years I have become quite a fan and really look forward to when the time comes around every 4 years.

Next go round I am planning on making my way to Brazil to see the game with my family in tow. Hopefully I will see some Americans there supporting the world’s game or ‘proper football’ as the English sometimes put it.

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Bison represents the work of Linsey Levendall and Daniel Orme who together form a creative studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. They have some highly illustrative, and at the other end of the scale strikingly minimal design and illustration work in their collective portfolio. All in all, it makes for a notable body of work.

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Adam the Velcro Suit

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South African designer and illustrator Adam The Velcro Suit has been busy lately and made some updates to his Flickr-folio. There has been some great looking gig posters recently added, still rocking on the vintage tip but that old school inspired eye candy looks sweet.

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There is some fun illustration work in the portfolio of South African studio Fanakolo.

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Disturbance Design

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Disturbance has been around for the better part of 10 years now and just keep getting better with age. I noticed their work immediately while flipping through a recent copy of I.D. Magazine. I went straight to the web to look them up. You can visit their homepage here and see their work both here and here.

A little more about Disturbance:
“Disturbance is a graphic design studio based in Durban, South Africa and one of the continent’s leading design practices. Disturbance’s work has been recognised both locally (Loeries awards) and internationally (D&AD, ADC, One Show, Comm Arts, Society of Illustrators). Over the last decade disturbance has variously won awards for their clients, published a ‘zine, released a music CD, designed and operated a restaurant, a gallery and a design store and launched (and collapsed) the much hyped design brand, ‘Home Industries’.”

Brilliant work all around.

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