Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

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I have expressed just how much I love the newest album from Arcade Fire and what a poignant album ‘The Suburbs’ is for someone in their 30s reflecting back on their childhood and wondering at what point do you begin calling yourself an ‘adult’. I can’t think of a better director to communicate that loss of innocence and those inner rumblings than Spike Jonze and that is exactly what he has achieved in this music video for the title track of the album. It’s beautiful and it’s pure Spike Jonze. It also works absolutely perfectly with the music. Bravo.

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Spike Jonze executive produced this wonderful video for Lakai that was directed by Ty Evans. Needless to say some talented people were involved in the process. It’s always interesting to see people with such huge pull in the entertainment world producing work for Skate brands. I want to get in on something like this.

Lakai Skate and Create 2010
Dir: Ty Evans
Ex Produced: Spike Jonze
DP: Marc Ritzema
Artist: Ima Robot “Ruthless”
Format: RED MX, 5D and 7D

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Spike Jonze – Im Here

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As I am sure you have heard from numerous other blogs, Spike Jonze has directed a short film which recently aired at the Sundance Film Festival titled ‘I’m Here‘ (sorry my headline font conversion doesn’t allow apostrophes). The film is branded content for Absolut but it looks beautiful. If brands want to throw their weight behind genuine ‘art’ for a change and allow people to flex their brain muscles a little bit, I think that could be a good thing. Jonze really is incredible. His childlike vision and appreciation for ‘wonder’ always translates beautifully into his films.

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Where the Wild Things Are

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The preview finally dropped yesterday and director Spike Jonze appears to be in top form so far from the looks of the trailer. Where the Wild Things Are was an obsession of mine as a child. I used to draw the monsters and dream of going off by boat to a far away land just like in the book. I am really excited to see this brought to the big screen. I just hope they release a director’s cut of the movie when it is released on DVD.

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The Fall

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A new movie titled ‘The Fall’ that has managed to fly low under the radar was brought to my attention today. When I heard that both David Fincher and Spike Jonze were involved in producing the project my ears were perked. Equally interesting is the fact that the movie was directed by Tarsem Singh, who helmed the movie The Cell which was hotly debated as visually orgasmic and devoid of substance. I always felt the visuals in that movie were spectacular on a personal note.

The story is set in Los Angeles, circa 1920 and involves a little girl that has been hospitalized to recover from a fall. She strikes up a friendship with a bedridden man who begins weaving her into a fanciful story that helps her escape the confines of the hospital and whisks her away into the world of imagination.

The movie is already garnishing critical acclaim and it really does look like it could be something special. Considering the names and players involved, I am not going to miss it. The movie opens in theaters May 9th.

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