Alison Scarpulla

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Yes the words ‘trippy’, ‘magical’ and ‘creepy’ are all perfectly acceptable adjectives when searching to describe the photographs of Alison Scarpulla and I’d imagine she’d be just fine with such word use.

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Tony Cragg

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British sculptor Tony Cragg has been a working artist for several decades. His early work was comprised mostly of found materials although he now uses more traditional materials like wood, bronze and marble. You can often see strange almost spiritual faces weaving in and out of his sculptures creating a dynamic etherial almost musical movement that seems to reverberate through the sculpture.

“There is this idea that sculpture is static, or maybe even dead, but I feel absolutely contrary to that. I’m not a religious person—I’m an absolute materialist—and for me material is exciting and ultimately sublime. When I’m involved in making sculpture, I’m looking for a system of belief or ethics in the material. I want that material to have a dynamic, to push and move and grow.”

You can also read more about Cragg’s life and career here.

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